Dutch Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (#DSEMP18) (Utrecht, NL)

Note that although this is a general Early Modern conference, 5 out of the 13 papers are about women philosophers! Correct me if I’m wrong, but this might be a first. Papers on Conway, Grouchy, Chatelet (2), and Avila.
Thank you Chris Meyns and Andrea Sangiacomo for organizing this!
30-31 May 2018

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dutch-seminar-for-early-modern-philosophy-v-dsemp18-tickets-44126847589


Wednesday 30 May

8:30 am     Arrival
9:00 am     Opening

9:05 am     Keynote: Karin de Boer (KU Leuven): Kant’s Inquiries into a New Touchstone for Metaphysical Truth

10:30 am     Coffee

10:45 am     Adam Harmer (University of California, Riverside): Anthony Collins on Texture and Structural Emergence

11:30 am     Botond Csuka (Eötvös Loránd University): “Gentle” and “Gross” Exercises: Aesthetic Experience and Well-Being in Addison’s Essays

12:15 pm     Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Locke on Ideas of Reflection, Inner Sense, and the Historical Plain Method

1:00 pm     Lunch break

2:30 pm     Nathan Porter (University of Utah): Spinoza’s Theodicy (via Skype)

3:00 pm     Nastassja Pugliese (University of São Paulo): Substance and Individuation in Anne Conway as a Critique to Spinoza

3:45 pm     Anna Markwart (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń): Sophie de Grouchy and Adam Smith: Education for Sympathy

4:30 pm     Tea

4:45 pm     Stephen Evensen (Biola University): Reading Kant Through Grotius: Is the Categorical Imperative Substantive or Procedural?

5:30 pm     Stephen Howard (KU Leuven): Physical and Psychological Forces in Wolff, Baumgarten, and Kant

Thursday 31 May 2018

8:30 am     Doors open

9:00 am     Iulia Mihai (Ghent University): Du Châtelet on the Principle of Continuity, Change and Process

9:45 am     Scott Harkema (Ohio State University): On the Role of Illusion in Du Chatelet’s Theory of Happiness

10:30 am     Coffee

10:45 am     Boris Demarest (University of Amsterdam): Soul as Nature: the Naturalist Animism of Van Helmont and Stahl

11:30 am     Keynote: Christia Mercer (Columbia University): Descartes’ Demons and Debts, or Why We Should Work on Women in the History of Philosophy

1:00 pm     End

Attendance is free and all are welcome, especially students.


  • History of Philosophy Group, Utrecht University
  • Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University
  • Groningen Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Thought, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen
  • Study Group in Early Modern Philosophy, OZSW

Chris Meyns (Utrecht)
Andrea Sangiacomo (Groningen)
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Diversity Reading List

The Diversity Reading List site, advertised here two years ago,  has recently be done up and you can help make it even better by sending your suggestions here.

Making sure that a solid proportion of the readings in one’s class are by authors from under-represented groups, is not an easy task. Since such texts are likely to be less popular or less immediately available, finding them and assessing their usefulness involves considerable effort, adding to the already busy schedules of teachers and lecturers.

The Diversity Reading List is here to help you overcome this difficulty. It offers an quick way of finding texts and evaluating their relevance for your teaching. You can search the list for specific texts, authors or keywords, or browse by topic in a easily navigable structure of categories inspired by PhilPapers. Whenever possible, we included abstracts, author’s keywords, and links to online versions of texts and other resources.


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Which journals for feminist history of philosophy?

Finding myself with a revise and resubmit gone wrong from BJHP, and having already tried JHP (I work on post-Kant women!) I’m wondering where to submit next.

Looking through old Facebook and blog posts, it strikes me that the field of journals where philosophers working on historical women is narrowing at the same time as the numbers of scholars interested in the topic is growing.

Given that most of us will have some ‘prestige’ criterion for choosing our journals – my university wants ISI listed journals, job seekers want something high up on one of Leiter’s infamous list, and those on tenure track want a journal that will impress their senior colleagues – we are left with even fewer options.

Here are the names I picked up and some remarks. This is, however, very incomplete and based on looking at the submissions pages and searching the contents for a handful of names (Wollstonecraft, Astell, Gournay, Conway, Cavendish, Elisabeth). When no search function was available, I browsed the titles of the past few volumes.

I welcome any comments and offers to make the list better.
JHP – a few articles about women. Has started again accepting submissions about pre-Kantian philosophers.

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie – more international than other history journals.

BJHP – Has the best record of publishing works about women, even though it is still a very small minority (see their recent editorial here). The editors often send revise and resubmits to new reviewers and only accept one resubmission, which may be a disadvantage for articles on women or minorities (due to the dearth of possible reviewers – and, as in my case, the fact that you end up with a bunch of useful new comments but nowhere to send the revised paper to).
HPQ – Publish work about women authors but have a word limit of 8000 including notes and references and will not publish anything that has gone up on Academia.Edu or similar.
Oxford Studies in Early Modern – Olnly publishes one volume per year. I found an article about Elisabeth and Descartes.
Locke Studies : Actively seeking articles about women philosophers (but obviously related in some way to Locke)
PPR – not accepting submissions until 1 November.
Nous – not accepting submissions until 1 November (closed since early March?). Also it’s not clear that it has published any thing historical and about women (at least I can’t find any).
Phil Imprint – found one recent article on Conway. Charge of 20USD per submission.
Hypatia – I have had two papers on women accepted there, and it’s definitely a good place to reach feminist philosophers.
J-APA – Lisa Shapiro had an article in the first issue on why we should study women in the history of philosophy. A special series on women philosophers in history is about to start with some invited papers, but also some regularly submitted papers (including one of mine on Olympe).
European Journal of Philosophy – publishes a fair bit of history, but browsing through the last few issues, I couldn’t see any about women philosophers.
Ergo – open access. One article mentions Conway.
Australasian Journal of Philosophy – no articles about historical women that I can see.
Dialogue – publishes historical articles.
Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Etranger This was mentioned as a French journal that will accept articles in English.

Journal of the History of Ideas – will perhaps be regarded as more history than philosophy by some promotion committees, but it has a good record of publishing work about women.

History of European Ideas – same comments as above apply.

European Journal of Political Theory – same as above and not currently ISI listed.

Any suggestions on how to improve this list will be most welcome!

(I am editing and adding suggestions as I receive them).

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Petition for a statue for Mary Wollstonecraft

You cannot be what you cannot see. Statues send a powerful message about what matters to us – and implicitly about what doesn’t. Women are 51% of the UK population.  Men are over 90% of all the memorials. Women who are memorialized are overwhelmingly royal or allegorical.  We want to see greater diversity of women memorialized in public art.

This campaign seeks to raise a memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist icon, philosopher, and campaigner for human rights and equality. We propose a statue in Newington Green, London, where she lived, established a girls’ school, and began her writing career.

Mary Wollstonecraft was an exceptional thinker and advocate, the foremother of feminism, a key Enlightenment thinker, and an early human rights champion. Her book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792), was the first book in English arguing for the equality of woman and men. She set out the need for representation of women in our democracy, inspiring Millicent Fawcett to lead the Suffragist movement a century later. Her call for equality of education for boys and girls was directly drawn upon by William Gladstone as he crafted state education in 1870.

Mary Wollstonecraft was also the first female war correspondent, reporting from the steps of the Guillotine during the Reign of Terror, as well as the mother of Mary Shelley. Today Mary’s campaign for equality and human rights is just as relevant as it was in the eighteenth century

The memorial will be a tangible way to share Wollstonecraft’s vision and ideas and act as an inspiration to local young people in Islington, Haringey, Hackney and beyond. We must raise the funds to recognize Mary with a memorial in this the year that we celebrate Votes for Women.

Make it happen. Please sign this petition and visit www.maryonthegreen.org for more information about the campaign. Check out our twitter @maryonthegreen and the hashtag #MinuteforMary to see our supporters talk about why they love Mary Wollstonecraft and why she deserves a memorial. Why not join in and make your own #MinuteforMary video.

Sign the petition to Sadik Kahn, Mayor of London, here.

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CFP:Women in the History of Science, Philosophy and Literature Syros, Greece July 12-13, 2018

Women in the History of Science, Philosophy and Literature
Syros, Greece July 12-13, 2018

The International Commission on Science and Literature DHST/IUHPST, the Commission on Women and Gender Studies DHST/IUHPST, the Center for the HISTORY OF WOMEN PHILOSOPHERS AND SCIENTISTS, PADERBORNUniversity, the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University, the Institute of Historical Research/National Hellenic Research Foundation, and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Athens organize a two-days’ workshop to study Women in the History of Science, Philosophy and Literature.

The CoSciLit workshop is already an established part of the very prestigious “Hermoupolis Seminars” which have been organized for more than 30 years every July on Syros Island.

This workshop aims to rediscover and to re-evaluate the impact and role of women in the history of science, philosophy, and literature. In recent years there has been growing interest in the history of women’s contributions to science, philosophy, and literature which dates back to the very beginnings of these disciplines. Theano, Hypatia, Du Châtelet, Lovelace are only a small selection of prominent women philosophers and scientists throughout history. The conference offers an open forum for all scholars interested in this growing research field, thus bringing into the dialogue multiple perspectives and different disciplines in order to build communication and cooperation bridges between science, philosophy, and literature. We especially welcome contributions placing women at the forefront and confirming their role in the production of modern scientific, technical knowledge and its philosophical foundation.

SEE: https://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/event/3rd-international-workshop-women-in-the-history-of-science-philosophy-and-literature-syros-greece/

Call for Paper:

We invite paper proposals including a title, an abstract of 300 words, name, and affiliation of the author, as well as contact information. The presentation time is 30 minutes with additional 10 minutes for discussion. The conference language is English.

Please submit your proposal via email (ruth.hagengruber@upb.de; gvlahakis@yahoo.com) by March 31, 2018. Response of acceptance will be given at the latest by April 30, 2018.


The venue of the workshop will be the “Historical Archives of the State” in the Town Hall of Hermoupolis. Hermoupolis was once the capital of Greece and a city of great cultural, scientific, and industrial heritage. Syros Island is very close to Piraeus by boat and an ideal place for a high quality, inexpensive summer visit.

For participants giving a paper there will be a modest fee of 50 Euros and for those who will attend without a paper a fee of 40 Euros to cover administrative expenses. There will be some hotels with reduced prices on offer for the participants but there are plenty of places, in Hermoupolis or close by, at very convenient prices.

Participants are asked to make their own arrangements concerning their arrival and accommodation, but the conference organizers will be happy to give any necessary assistance.

Coffee and refreshments will be offered.


George N. Vlahakis, Commission on Science and Literature DHST/IUHPST and Hellenic Open University, Greece

Manolis Patiniotis, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Athens, Greece

Efthymios Nicolaidis, Institute for Historical Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece

Maria Rentetzi, Commission on Women and Gender Studies DHST/IUPST, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Ruth Hagengruber, Paderborn University, Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, Germany

Andrea Reichenberger, Paderborn University, Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, Germany

Ruth Hagengruber

Center “History of Women Philosophers & Scientists”.


Universität Paderborn, Warburger Str. 100

33098 Paderborn, Fon: *49-5251-602308/09

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Women philosophers for Locke Studies

Locke Studies is interested in publishing all aspects of Locke’s thought from a variety of different methodological perspectives, including feminist reinterpretations and engagements with his work. We are also interested in publishing work on his contemporaries and his intellectual milieu, and would welcome submissions on figures that surrounded Locke, engaged with him and his work, or used his work in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

The editors have expressed a particular interest in submissions from scholars working on feminist history of philosophy and female philosophers and intellectuals from the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

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CfP on Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia

Call for papers:

Elisabeth of Bohemia: A workshop on Women and Early Modern Philosophy

to be held at:

Centre for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, Paderborn University

Thursday 17  May 2018

Proposals are invited from graduate students and early career scholars for short papers to be presented at a workshop being held in connection with the up-coming international conference Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-1680) – Life and Legacy (Paderborn/Herford 18-20 May 2018)

The aim of the workshop is to promote communication and collaboration amongst younger scholars working on early modern women philosophers. We welcome submissions relating to Elisabeth’s of Bohemia’s letter exchanges and intellectual networks, and the conditions and challenges of women’s participation in the development of early modern philosophy. The workshop will be led by Sabrina Ebbersmeyer, Sarah Hutton and Ruth Hagengruber.

Proposals should be sent to Jessica Harmening, jessica.harmening@upb.de no later than 28th February 2018  

Proposals should include the following:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation abstract (300 words max.)
  • A short biography, indicating the point you have reached in your studies and/or career (250 words max.)

Papers should be 20 minutes in length.

Response to submissions will be sent by 31st March 2018.

A selection of the papers from the workshop will be included in the conference publication.

Participants will be welcome to attend the ensuing conference on Elisabeth of Bohemia which will be held at Paderborn and Herford 18th-20th May 2018. http://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/event/elizabeth-of-bohemia-1618-1680-life-and-legacy-philosophy-politics-and-religion-in-seventeenth-century-europe/

The workshop is a joint event of the Centre for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists (HWPS) http://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/and the working group ‘History of Women Philosophers/Frauen in der Geschichte der Philosophie’ of the German Society of Philosophy (DGPhil): http://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/event/elizabeth-of-bohemia-1618-1680-life-and-legacy-philosophy-politics-and-religion-in-seventeenth-century-europe/

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