Program and registration: Women in History on Education

New Voices Talk Series – Women in History on Education

Opening Keynote Presentation and Interview: 

30/10 3pm CET (Saturday): Sylvana Tomaselli (St John’s College, Cambridge): Wollstonecraft and Education as Exercise of Body and Mind

25/11 4pm CET: Emanuele Costa (Vanderbilt University): Pen and Paper, Not Needle and Spindle: Maria Gaetana Agnesi on Women’s Equality

16/12 3pm CET: Manuel Fasko (University of Basel): Mary Shepherd’s threefold ‘Variety of Intellect’ and its Role in improving Education

27/01 3pm CET: Eszter Kovács (NKE, Budapest): Mary Astell on Female Self-improvement and Self-mastery

24/02 3pm CET: Sarah Bonfim (State University of Campinas): The Vindicatory Pedagogical Works of Mary Wollstonecraft

31/03 3pm CET: Piergiacomo Severini (University of Chieti-Pescara): Jeanne Hersch’s Pedagogy.  A wonder-ful way to Freedom28/04 3pm CET: Valentina Gaudiano (Sophia University Institute): Edith Stein’s Concept of ‘Bildung’ – to become what one is

To register and receive the zoom link please write to An empty email with New Voices Talk Series in the header is fine. The link is the same as last term and if you’re already registered for the talk series you do not need to register again. 

Please share with anybody interested!

New Voices on Women in the History of Philosophy is a group for emerging scholars at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and ScientistsNew Voices has the purpose of creating a forum for international scholars who work on women in the history of philosophy. New Voices intends to interconnect and further the work of scholars in the field of Women Philosophers in the History of Philosophy. New Voices is organized by Dr. Clara Carus. For further information about New Voices or to join New Voices please visit: 

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