Call for Biographies: The New Historia

The New Historia: mapping new knowledge through women’s lives and livelihoods – A digital magazine + knowledge network

Do women form a category of inquiry that demands a new kind of science? The New Historia aims for nothing short of creating a new knowledge-ordering system that builds off a new wave of historical research combined with innovative technologies for representation; together, these will surface previously unknown constellations of influential women and unexpected networks of knowledge.

Women of the past constitute “missing matter,” both as subjects not yet known and as

possessors of missing knowledge that has no obvious place in current knowledge ordering systems. It is not just that history has been written mostly by men and about men, and that we need to correct the record by adding in a few women’s stories. The New Historia argues, instead, that we must rebuild the practice of history from the ground up, exploring new ways of telling stories, new ways of organizing information, and new ways of connecting the past to the present. How do we do more than add women into received narratives of the past and stir?

New evidence calls into question the assumptions that structure our deepest beliefs about culture, each other, and what’s possible.

A unique collaboration between historical studies, design, and new journalism, The New Historia is dedicated to:

  • presenting authoritative, transdisciplinary female biographies that highlight women’s ingenious responses to prevailing knowledge-ordering systems
  • broadcasting these stories on an interactive, immersive digital platforms, using

technologies that create new experiences, stimulate further discoveries, and revealunimagined taxonomies

  • creating a new kind of history that values the roles women have always played in human endeavors.

We have the technology to secure these figures for posterity and to rewrite history as we have known it. Using emerging data technologies to visualize the unforeseen points of convergence between and among recovered figures, we will build a new technology for making history.

Find out more about TNH and the new knowledge-ordering system from this New School News article.


Call for Contributors:

The New Historia is looking to expand its collection of women’s biographies.

We are looking for authors to write detailed biographies, following a schema created by the New Historia, of women who should figure in human histories.

These women can come from any period of history, any part of the world, and their work can belong in any discipline and genre.

We are especially keen to identify authors who could write about non-western women.

Proposals should include your name, a brief CV, the name of the woman you are proposing to write about, her time and place of birth, the discipline or area she worked and what she contributed to it.

You should also state briefly why you are qualified to write about this specific woman.

You may propose more than one biography (but please specify how long it will take you to deliver all of them).

Selected biographies will be edited and published in the first instance on The New Historia webpage (currently under construction) before being fully integrated in the project.

Please send your proposals to

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