The Wollstonecrafts in America – links and summary

In the past few weeks, I have posted a number of stories by Wayne Bodle about the Wollstonecraft (extended) family in America. This was prompted by an earlier announcement of the ‘discovery’ of a  botanic text by Mary Wollstonecraft’s sister in law, Nancy. As it turns out, the book had already been discovered, and Nancy and her descendants were the subject of Wayne’s research.

Here are, below, the links to the articles he kindly allowed me to post here. We look forward to his book!

Wayne Bodle is a Senior Research Associate of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.   Before retiring two years ago, he taught at Penn, the University of Iowa, Rider University, and mostly, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is working on a book on the “Wollstonecrafts in America,” from 1792 until at least 1904.

1. “Wollstonecrafts in America” Guest post by Wayne Bodle

2. Charles Wollstonecraft – by Wayne Bodle

3. Sarah Garrison Wollstonecraft (1789-1872) – by Wayne Bodle

4. Jane Nelson Wollstonecraft [Sims], (1806-1882)

5. Mary Ann and little Charles: Two Mysterious Wollstonecraft Children

6. The Case of Jenny Bullard

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