Two calls from the Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS): Guest Editors and Featured Translation.

Call for Guest Editors

Simone de Beauvoir Studies is currently seeking a guest editor/s for a special issue (Vol. 31, Issue 2) that will be published in fall 2020. Each special issue of Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS) generally contains six to seven articles organized by a theme chosen by the guest editor. Interested parties should submit a CV, a sample Call for Papers for the proposed theme, and a brief statement of interest that outlines their qualifications and addresses the following questions: (a) Why is the proposed theme important for Beauvoir studies, or for topics germane to the legacy of her thinking? (b) What types of work do you expect will be featured under the theme? (c) Who in the field is currently doing work that would fall under this theme? (d) Which audiences and disciplines will the theme most likely engage? How would the theme invite new audiences to Beauvoir studies? (e) Does the theme speak to any contemporary debates occurring outside of Beauvoir studies in different fields or disciplines?

Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBSis published by Brill on behalf of the International Simone de Beauvoir Society, and is housed in the Humanities & Arts Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute under the direction of Professor Jennifer McWeeny. Articles are published in English or French. To apply for the guest editor position, please email your proposal to the Editor-in-Chief, SdBS@wpi.eduby May 15th, 2019. For more information, see


Call for Nominations
Simone de Beauvoir Studies – Featured Translation of 2020

Consistent with its mission of promoting international and cross-cultural exchange, Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS) selects one article-length work per year that has already been published in the field of Beauvoir studies and translates it into either English or French in order to increase its international accessibility and broaden the journal’s audience. The 2020 SdBS Featured Translation will be published in French; eligible works are those that were originally published in English or any language other than French. Nominated works should be the length of a standard journal article or book chapter (ideally less than 10,000 words). The SdBS Featured Translation of 2020 will appear in Vol. 31, Issue 1.

To submit a nomination for the SdBS Featured Translation of 2020, please see the full call for nominations under the About/Downloads tab on our website: Nomination letters are due by May 15th, 2019.


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