Journal of Modern Philosophy

Good news: a new open access, free journal in the history of philosophy is accepting submissions:

The Journal of Modern Philosophy is now soliciting submissions in the history of philosophy from the 16th century to the 18th century up to, but not including, Kant. It is the goal of this journal to meet a clear need for a specialist journal in the history of modern philosophy. We welcome all papers that fall within the general category of modern philosophy, but we are especially eager to receive papers on under-represented figures and topics. We plan to expand to Kant and the nineteenth century in the future, and will at present consider submissions on underrepresented topics and authors in the nineteenth century. We also welcome reviewers who wish to be enrolled with the journal.JMPhil is Open Access, authors will maintain their copyright, and submissions will be published on a rolling basis. All submissions will be double anonymously refereed, with a target turnaround time of ten weeks.

For more information or to submit a paper, go to

This journal was started by Aaron Garrett and Antonia LoLordo in response to the dearth of journals publishing about women and minorities in the history of philosophy. If you want to help increase diversity in history of philosophy, join up and become a reviewer!

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