Which journals for feminist history of philosophy?

Finding myself with a revise and resubmit gone wrong from BJHP, and having already tried JHP (I work on post-Kant women!) I’m wondering where to submit next.

Looking through old Facebook and blog posts, it strikes me that the field of journals where philosophers working on historical women is narrowing at the same time as the numbers of scholars interested in the topic is growing.

Given that most of us will have some ‘prestige’ criterion for choosing our journals – my university wants ISI listed journals, job seekers want something high up on one of Leiter’s infamous list, and those on tenure track want a journal that will impress their senior colleagues – we are left with even fewer options.

Here are the names I picked up and some remarks. This is, however, very incomplete and based on looking at the submissions pages and searching the contents for a handful of names (Wollstonecraft, Astell, Gournay, Conway, Cavendish, Elisabeth). When no search function was available, I browsed the titles of the past few volumes.

I welcome any comments and offers to make the list better.
JHP – a few articles about women. Has started again accepting submissions about pre-Kantian philosophers.

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie – more international than other history journals.

BJHP – Has the best record of publishing works about women, even though it is still a very small minority (see their recent editorial here). The editors often send revise and resubmits to new reviewers and only accept one resubmission, which may be a disadvantage for articles on women or minorities (due to the dearth of possible reviewers – and, as in my case, the fact that you end up with a bunch of useful new comments but nowhere to send the revised paper to).
HPQ – Publish work about women authors but have a word limit of 8000 including notes and references and will not publish anything that has gone up on Academia.Edu or similar.
Oxford Studies in Early Modern – Olnly publishes one volume per year. I found an article about Elisabeth and Descartes.
Locke Studies : Actively seeking articles about women philosophers (but obviously related in some way to Locke)
PPR – not accepting submissions until 1 November.
Nous – not accepting submissions until 1 November (closed since early March?). Also it’s not clear that it has published any thing historical and about women (at least I can’t find any).
Phil Imprint – found one recent article on Conway. Charge of 20USD per submission.
Hypatia – I have had two papers on women accepted there, and it’s definitely a good place to reach feminist philosophers.
J-APA – Lisa Shapiro had an article in the first issue on why we should study women in the history of philosophy. A special series on women philosophers in history is about to start with some invited papers, but also some regularly submitted papers (including one of mine on Olympe).
European Journal of Philosophy – publishes a fair bit of history, but browsing through the last few issues, I couldn’t see any about women philosophers.
Ergo – open access. One article mentions Conway.
Australasian Journal of Philosophy – no articles about historical women that I can see.
Dialogue – publishes historical articles.
Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Etranger This was mentioned as a French journal that will accept articles in English.

Journal of the History of Ideas – will perhaps be regarded as more history than philosophy by some promotion committees, but it has a good record of publishing work about women.

History of European Ideas – same comments as above apply.

European Journal of Political Theory – same as above and not currently ISI listed.

Any suggestions on how to improve this list will be most welcome!

(I am editing and adding suggestions as I receive them).

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4 Responses to Which journals for feminist history of philosophy?

  1. Trevor says:

    Journal of the History of Ideas (a quick search turned up lots of stuff)

  2. Kenny Pearce says:

    I recently asked at HPQ about drafts that have been shared online. They said they will consider it as long as the draft is taken down before submission. (Of course, some repositories won’t let you delete things once you’ve put them up.)

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