Early Modern Women on Metaphysics, Religion and Science: program now online

Early Modern Women on Metaphysics, Religion and ScienceConference 21-23 March 2016, University of Groningen
During the early modern period (c. 1600-1800) women were involved in

many debates that tangled together metaphysics, religion and science.

The women included figures such as Margaret Cavendish, Emilie Du

Châtelet, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, and Damaris Cudworth Masham.

The debates surrounded issues such as atomism, determinism, motion,

mind-body causation, mechanism, space, and natural laws.
The full conference program is now online:


The conference is free to attend (although we cannot cover attendees’

costs). Non-Groningen based scholars who are intending to come should

register by emailing the organisers – earlymodernwomen@rug.nl – by 7th

March 2016, to give us an idea of numbers.

Immediately after this conference, the annual Dutch Seminar in Early

Modern Philosophy will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam, on

24-25 March 2016:


There are regular direct trains between Groningen and Rotterdam, so it

would be easy to attend both conferences.

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