Peer-reviewed publications for the Women Philosopher’s Page


Mary Ellen Waithe, the co-chair of the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers, Inc. has published the following proposal in her latest newsletter: 

Through a series of email exchanges with Mary Ellen Waithe, Emerita member Kate Lindemann has proposed that student and un/underemployed members (AXIOTHEA level) as well as faculty (SOPHIA level or PHILOSOPHER-QUEEN level) be invited to submit an article on a woman philosopher for the Kate’s Pages section of the SSWP website.  Beginning January 2016, articles that have been peer-reviewed will be designated as such. Eventually, all articles will have undergone rigorous peer review. So we will be gradually transforming those pages from simple informational pages to peer-reviewed articles, creating in effect, an electronic encyclopedia of women in the history of philosophy.

For student members: Have your Philosophy faculty advisor or other Philosophy professor agree to allow you to do an Independent Study, Independent Research or similar course OR to do a term paper about a woman philosopher selected from the list below.  Have your faculty member contact Mary Ellen Waithe at to reserve a philosopher for you. That page will be reserved for you until the end of your term (NO extensions!). Submit to your faculty member a paper in MS Word or Doc that follows the format of articles in Kate’s Pages / Women Philosophers. It may have footnotes/endnotes and must include a bibliography of original works by that philosopher and secondary articles/books about her.  Have your faculty member comment on and grade your paper as though it were being peer-reviewed. This is a higher standard than an “A” Graduate Student paper is held to, so you may need to make revisions as suggested by your faculty member. Have your faculty member submit the paper to SSWP by emailing it to  You will be informed when it has been published to our website, and your faculty member will receive a letter confirming that they have refereed a paper for the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers.

For faculty: Email Mary Ellen Waithe at to reserve a philosopher for you. That page will be reserved for you for four months. Submit to a research paper on that philosopher, following the format of articles in Kate’s Pages/Women Philosophers. The paper must be in MSWord or Doc. It may have footnotes/endnotes, and must include a bibliography of original works by that philosopher and secondary articles/books about her.  It will be peer-reviewed by a SSWP member who may make suggestions for revising and re-submission.

Kate is quite right in noting that we are now in an era where electronic publications –if peer reviewed– are worth (to a student seeking admission to a graduate program, or to faculty member seeking tenure) every bit as much as a print publication.

Here’s a list of women philosophers about whom articles are solicited:

Claudia Card

Elizabeth Flower

Margaret Fuller

Beatriz Galindo(a)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Anna Julia Cooper

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Sophie de Grouchy

Amelia Hathaway


Jeanne Hersch

Julia Ward Howe

Liubo Isaakovna Akselrod

Emily Elizabeth Constance Jones

Marietta Kies

Adrienne Koch

Alexandra Kollontai

Lenore Kuhn

Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane

Christine Ladd-Franklin

Grace Mead Andrus de Laguna

Francoise Marquise de Maintenon

Rowena Morse Mann

Marguerite of Navarre

Hedwig Conrad-Martius

Lucia Ames Mead

Lucy Sprague Mitchell

Mary Mothersill

Dorothy Wrinch Nicholson

Jacqueline Pascal

Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Margaret More Roper

Clemence Royer

Sarah Ruddick

Marguerite de la Sabliere

Lou Andreas Salome

Caroline Schlegel-Shelling

Madelene de Scudery

Ann-Margaret Sharp

May Sinclair

Madeleine de Souvre

Germain de Stael

Edith Stein

Helene Stocker

Eliza Sunderland

Jessie Taft

Evelyn Underhill

Camila Urena

Louise de la Valliere

Marianna Bacinetti di Waddington

Ella Flagg Young

Blanche Zehring

If you’ve already published a book or an article or a chapter about one of the above philosophers, won’t you please consider writing up a brief article about her for the women philosophers pages? Those pages are such an important resource for undergraduate students. If we hope to integrate the canon of philosophy along lines of gender, we must “grow” the next generation of scholars who have an interest in doing so. That “cultivation” begins with undergraduate students. And it is they who use Kate’s Pages.

In order to take part, you need to be a member of SSWP. You will find details of how to become a member on the SSWP homepage. 

Professor Waithe added in that individuals should feel free to nominate a woman for these pages who is not included in that list, and that she will be glad to consider new names.

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