Project Vox up and running

Duke’s new website, Project Vox, is now up and running. It’s purpose is to gather and publicise material on early women philosophers, and ultimately to change the  narrative of the history of philosophy so that it includes them.

The website will be the virtual hub for an international network of scholars to work together in expanding our research and teaching beyond the traditional philosophical “canon” and beyond traditional narratives of modern philosophy’s history.

Thus far the site focuses on four philosophers: Cavendish, Conway, Du Chatelet and Masham, with very full and detailed entries for each, including biographies, primary and secondary materials, teaching materials (forthcoming) and links to resources available online.

The very useful Teaching tab offers general advice on how to include texts by women in early modern courses, as well as sample syllabi.

We’re very looking forward to watching the site grow.

Congratulations to Andrew Janiak and his team!

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2 Responses to Project Vox up and running

  1. chezaristote says:

    I just tried this website again today, and none of the links were up. I remember beautiful links a year ago! Does anyone know what happened?

  2. Sandrine Berges says:

    This must have been a temporary glitch. They seem to be up and running now.

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