Teaching Conway, Masham, Cavendish and Chatelet.

Andrew Janiak at Duke University is leading a team of eight faculty, students and staff in developing a web site on the works of early modern women philosophers. The website will include unpublished texts, translations of texts that have never been translated into English, and other materials such as sample syllabi from any philosophy courses that discuss these philosophers.

The web site, which will go live in the spring, will initially centre on four philosophers — Anne Conway, Damaris Cudworth Masham, Margaret Cavendish and Emilie du Chatelet. Andrew Janiak is therefore looking for a selection of syllabi (in PDF, HTML, or another format) that showcase how these figures have already been integrated into philosophy courses at various levels.

If you have such a syllabus and would like to help, please send it by email to janiakATduke.edu

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3 Responses to Teaching Conway, Masham, Cavendish and Chatelet.

  1. axiothea says:

    Reblogged this on Feminist Philosophers.

  2. Presumably they’ve taken it up already, but there are chapters on Leibniz and Conway and on Locke and Masham in Karen Warren’s Unconventional History of Western Philosophy.

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