Emilie Du Châtelet in Ghent

Workshop on history and philosophy of physics

17 September 2014

Location: KANTL, koningstraat 18, Gent


10:00-11:15 Katherine Brading (University of Notre Dame): “Continuity, intelligibility and free will in Mme Du Châtelet’s Foundations of Physics”

11:30-12:45 Marij van Strien (Universiteit Gent): “Continuity in nature and in mathematics: Boltzmann and Poincaré”

14:15-15:30 Thomas Ryckman (Stanford University): “‘Determinism and Indeterminism in Modern Physics’: a retrospective look”

15:45-17:00 Andreas Hüttemann (Universität zu Köln): “Reduction and reductive explanation”

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