Desmond Clarke’s The Equality of the Sexes

Desmond Clarke, one of the two editors of the Cambridge Series in the History of Philosophy, has published an exciting new book: The Equality of the Sexes: Three feminist texts of the seventeenth century. The book contains new translations of the ubiquitous Poulain de la Barre, Marie le Jars de Gournay and Anna Maria van Schurman. Amazon has a ‘look inside’ option, and you can read an extract here.

It might strike some of us as slightly paradoxical that the editor of a series of texts in the history of philosophy had to go to another publisher when he needed to present new texts! Unfortunately, Cambridge texts isn’t great on women philosophers: out of 121 texts, only two are by women (Conway and Cavendish).

In any case it’s fantastic that Oxford is publishing these translations – I for one look forward to reading the book.

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