Christine de Pizan’s Manuscrit de la Reine digitalised

Stefan Heßbrüggen posted this link  on Women Philosophers. It is to the British Library’s digitalised version of the Queen’s MS (Harley 4431). This manuscript is titled because of a dedication  by the author, Christine de Pizan, to Isabel of Bavaria. It is a collection of her work and contains love poems, political philosophy treatises (Le livre de la Cite des Dames, Le livre des trois jugements, L’epitre d’Othea), the famous letters on the Roman de la Rose, and plenty more.

The Language is French, but don’t let that fool you into believing you’ll be able to read it easily. It’s medieval French, and the script is not easy to decipher unless you are a specialist. On the other hand the quality of the digital copy is excellent, and the page is very clear even when zoomed to the maximum.

This particular manuscript was produced under Christine’s supervision, and some of the corrections are supposedly done by her. Look out for her signature – “Xpine” (with the first two letters of her name in Greek).

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