Call for Abstracts: Sentiment and Reason in Early Modern Ethics

This looks like a very good opportunity for some feminist history of philosophy. The organizers are only looking for five more papers, but you can also apply to be a commentator.

The Mod Squad

Sentiment and Reason in Early Modern Ethics
March 21-22, 2014 SUNY-Buffalo

Call for Abstracts:

This conference will feature talks from invited speakers Kate Abramson, Rachel Cohon, and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord. In addition, we are seeking submissions of abstracts for five additional talks. The theme of the conference is “Sentiment and Reason in Early Modern Ethics.” Many ethical debates in the early modern period were organized around the contrast between theories that, on the one hand, privileged the role of moral passions or sentiments, and, on the other hand, those that gave prominence to rationality or reason in ethical judgments. Papers relating to any element of the conference theme are welcome.Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, the cognitivism/non-cognitivism debate, questions about motivational internalism/externalism, and concerns about the sentiment/reason dichotomy as a tool for understanding ethical debates among the early moderns.Speakers will have thirty five minutesto present their papers, so submitted…

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