A proposal for an early modern philosophy society that includes women

This proposal sounds like it should be of interest to people working on women philosophers of the Early Modern period. Lewis Powell over at The Mod Squad thinks there should be a society for early modern philosophy, along side the big name societies, like the Kant or Hume societies. One merit of such a society is that it would create a forum for people working on not-so-big names from that period. This would of course affect people working on women philosophers. As Lewis notes:

I could be wrong, but it seems like Hume scholars just have a vastly greater number of opportunities to present work, get feedback, and interact with other scholars compared to, say, Locke scholars. And that’s talking about Locke, who is thought of as a central figure in the early modern period; this is even more pronounced for someone working on figures like Malebranche, Cavendish, Astell, and so on.

So if you’re interested, please go over to his post on the Mod Squad and leave a comment.

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2 Responses to A proposal for an early modern philosophy society that includes women

  1. Sandrine Berges says:

    Somebody just pointed out to me that there is a European Early Modern Society: http://esemp.hypotheses.org. Looking through the program for their latest conference held in January in Grenoble, there seemed to be plenty of women speakers, but not many women philosophers being discussed, with perhaps one exception: Marie-Frédérique Pellegrin (Lyon), La querelle des femmes est-elle une querelle ? Le rôle de la philosophie dans l’histoire du féminisme. But check it out!

  2. ESEMP does exist but at least the conference that I’ve been to was quite a forbidding events. It was in Berlin (2 years ago?) where I chaired a session. Not many papers on women philosophers. I’m not sure there were any in the other sessions. A very masculine and tweed-coaty event where you didn’t dare raise your hand unless you knew every footnote to Descartes by heart or was famous (and male). I hope and trust it will be more open under Sue James leadership.

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