Women Historians of Philosophy

Feminist Philosophers has just posted a link to a new database of women who do history of philosophy, compiled by Lisa Shapiro and Donald Rutherford. The database is here.

Clearly it’s a very useful tool – certainly a way to go around the problem of who to invite at conferences. On the other hand, it’s far from complete yet. There was a call in January, which I missed, to send in details to this email address: womenhistoriansofphilosophy@gmail.com

I’m sure the document can still be modified, and it would be a good idea to add yourself and anyone you know.

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One Response to Women Historians of Philosophy

  1. Sandrine Berges says:

    Lisa Shapiro posted an update on The Mod Squad :
    “Apologies for posting the same note everywhere, but, so it goes. I did want to let people know that their suggestions are being incorporated even though we aren’t replying to the emails. The next update, taking account the feedback that results from these posts, will appear in the web-interface version.”

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